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Going to college

Parents don't worry!!! Let your young adults come along for a bit of fun with their friends, we can help them create healthy, inexpensive meals ensuring they will eat well whilst away from home.


Organised groups

We also offer the opportunity for one off groups of children. These groups can include; Nurseries, home schooled groups, additional needs groups and many more.


Themed holiday cookery sessions for children -  5-8 yrs and 8-12 yrs. Children will learn to cook

and bake with confidence in a fun and happy environment.


Smaller class - keener cooks for children aged 8-12 yrs to cook a two course lunch/dinner. The cooks sit and enjoy their meal when finished, this is a fabulous way to enhance their cooking skills in a small environment.


Secondary Skills for teenagers  between 12-15 yrs are invited to come to create a pudding of perfection. In a smaller group... no distraction but just great fun time...

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